Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mistaken Identity

I was looking online for a Christmas present for Scott. I wanted to search through Dick's Sporting Goods. I absent-mindedly typed dicks.com.

FYI: That site does not display sporting goods.

The best part is that I told on myself, and clued Scott into my gaffe when I really could have kept it to myself.

There are a couple other good stories of Mistaken Website Identities:

1. A friend wanted to order ribs from Sticky Fingers. He left off the "S" in "Fingers," and was greeted with a shock.

2. A Lawrence Family friend's daughter is registered at giggle.com....a very cute baby site. Her mother put an extra "S" on "Giggle" on the Baby Shower invitation, and the would-be gift givers found themselve searching gifts completely inappropriate for a babay!

Do you have any mistaken website identities to share?

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