Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer Again

Ahhhh. Summer in Florida. 95-degree weather with the humidity to match. Everyday the weather forcast is, "High in the low 90's with a change of thunderstorms mostly after 2pm." At work we don't have a lot of windows, but you can tell it's raining by an earthy/soil smell. My friend Chris and I can smell it, but most people just think we're insane until they look outside.....

Monday, June 23, 2008

Just for Kicks

So, the baby is moving around like crazy now! Considering she wouldn't stay still during the last ultrasound, I think I'm in for some trouble! Scott felt her move, too. I think he's a little creeped out by it. :) Scott saw this movie and now he's scarred!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Partners in Crime

Scott and I found out that friends of ours are due 3 days after us! We went to dinner with them and walked to the restaurant, the big conversation was about when the next bathroom opportunity would be and comparing the outrageous cost of day cares - not really about the wine selection! How the conversation topics have changed already... :) They're very politically charged (and their due date is Election Day). They announced they were having a boy as saying they were having a "Barak" rather than a "Hillary."

Rochelle also plans to go back to work after her maternity leave. And, like me, is not sure she's going to be able to handle 12 weeks away from the thrill and excitement of work! Scary, I know. It will be nice to know someone will be wondering the same silly, new mother things we are. And, at least I'll have a Maternity Leave buddy!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What's in a Name?

People ask us what we're having when they find out we're pregnant. When we tell them it's a girl they have two comments:

1. "Congratulations!" - This seems like a normal response (that I've probably said to expectant parents in the past), but all we have accomplished at this point is sit through a 30-minute ultrasound session to find out it's a girl.

2. "Are you happy it's a girl?" - We've heard this one so many times, we've come up with our own Lawrence-style response, "No, not really. We were really hoping for a Muppet." It almost makes sense, but it gives people enough pause to be comical.

We've narrowed the field of names down to about a dozen. No, I will not share them now. So, when people ask the third inevitable question, "What are you going to name her," we have a canned response: Millicent. Are we being smart? Are we paying homage to a ancestor? Hard to tell....

Visit to the Mother Ship

We're now at the halfway point to meeting our little girl (20 weeks). We decided it was time to look for baby furniture. Target had surprisingly little selection. We made the trip to Babies R Us (the "Mother Ship"). We first went to the strollers. There were about a half billion types. I think we have a winner! Of course, we're too proud to ask for help on how to fold it up. So, we looked like a couple of idiots staring at the contraption while pushing on things looking like levers.

Since we're such tall people (mmhmm, yeah right), we decided we needed a drop-side crib. We found a nice one with a matching dresser & hutch. Classic look, but not too frou-frou. Some of these cribs are huge!

We walked around the rest of the store, and realized we have a lot more decisions to make about gear!...Baby Bjorn or sling? What kind of car seat? Go completely girly or more gender neutral?? Oy!!