Friday, December 30, 2011

Week 100 Menu

Merry Christmas! And, Happy 100 Weeks of Menus!!! So, it's Thursday, and I'm just now thinking about our menu for the week? It's like there was other stuff going on this week or something??

Well, here is what's been going on in our kitchen this week:

Sunday: Christmas dinner......everything was SO yummy!
Monday: Brother and partner are making Spanish tortilla, garlic shrimp and pistou
Tuesday - Wednesday: Have family in town; so, we'll play it by ear
Thursday: Out to dinner....because we are so sick of leftovers (we've been having them everyday for lunch!)!
Friday: Omaha Steaks on the grill (gift to Scott from my parents)
Saturday: I'm thinking some snack-y dinner akin to our Christmas Eve dinner - every party (even if it's just parents and a three year-old!) needs finger food!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Latest tunes

I've talked before about Shelby's impeccable taste of music here and here.

Now that it's Christmas (and she's three), she has her favorite carols, too. And, I must say they are not what you'd expect a three-year old to request demand. Her current favorites are:

- Santa Claus is Coming to Town as sung by the a cappella group  Straight No Chaser (if you don't know them,....well, you should!)
- Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree... The Brenda Lee version (as if there's another!)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Dinner 2011

We are a family that loves food. We love to talk about it, we love to read about it, we love to critique it, and we LOVE to eat it! We've hammered out our holiday menu, I've done most of the shopping. So, I feel like we're in good shape.

The Christmas Eve dinner is the Benjamin family tradition of snack-y, finger food. And, I figure we'll throw in some nice comfort food in the pot pie.

Christmas Eve dinner
- Chicken Pot Pie
- Cheese, sausage and crackers
- Nut bread with cream cheese and olives
- Buffalo chicken dip with pita chips

Christmas dinner is comprised of recipes from my favorite blogs (Bitten Word, This Week for Dinner, Pioneer Woman, GoodLife Eats). I've only made some of these dishes, but I trust the sources so completely that I'm positive each of these dishes will be great! I trust them for tasty dinners every night - why not for the holidays!

Christmas Dinner
- Standing Rib Roast
- Brussel Sprouts with Balsamic & Cranberries
Celery Root, Kohlrabi and Apple Puree
- Artichoke, Leek & Potato Casserole
- Crescent Rolls
- Apple Pie Cheesecake

Week 99 Menu

Sunday: Baked, Stuffed Pumpkin
Monday: Stuffed Shells from the freezer
Tuesday: Turkey Salad sandwiches (from Thanksgiving turkey :)) on farmer's market bread
Wednesday: Dinner with friends at our house - Obama Chili, cornbread
Thursday: Chicken Tinga Tacos (Bitten Word) using up rest of the turkey packet
Friday: Leftovers
Saturday: Traditional Christmas Eve "snack-y" dinner after church (cheese, sausage, crackers, nut bread with cream cheese/olives, Buffalo Chicken dip with pita chips) with Chicken Pot Pie and cookies!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week 98 Menu

Sunday: Asian Salmon and fiesta corn
Monday: Pesto pasta salad with CSA veggies
Tuesday: Garlic Chicken Legs in slow cooker
Wednesday: Roasted Squash & Potato Soup
Thursday: Dinner with friends
Friday: Leftovers with smoothies
Saturday: Work Christmas party...kiddo and babysitter will have pizza?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Sounds of....well, sounds

There are some sounds in life that can push a girl to the edge. I submit these are the top five annoying, grating, maddening no particular order. Any one of them can leap to the top when occurring at 2am:

- Smoke detector beeping
- Infant crying (toddlers, I can stand)
- Dora
- Emergency broadcast squawk
- Howler monkey

Have I missed anything?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week 97 Menu

Sunday: Leftovers with oven fries
Monday: Lasagna roll-ups from the freezer
Tuesday: Grilled cheese on farmer's market bread (yum!) and fiesta corn from CSA basket
Wednesday: Dinner at church.
Thursday: Thai Chicken Thighs in slow cooker
Friday: Leftovers? or squash pancakes
Saturday: Date night!!