Sunday, August 23, 2009

Housing Options

So we've been looking at some houses the last couple weekends. We're thinking about moving to the beach. For us, the beach is kind of like our 'third place'. After looking, it's clear we have two options. First, we could go to Neptune or Atlantic Beach, which are generally older neighborhoods. The houses are 20 or 30 years old with larger lots (more grass to cut). Jacksonville Beach is the other option with a considerably newer housing stock. Since the lots are smaller, you typically get 2 stories (which reminds us of home). Jax Beach also has much better access to the freeway system. Schools are pretty good in either location. At this point, we're leaning towards something in Jax Beach with a significant increase in size over what we have now.

The down side is the large mortgage. For not that much more, we figure it's worth looking for a larger house. And of course, we'd have to sell our current house. Our realtor claims there's plenty of activity in our neighborhood, but I'm just not that assured. We've been fortunate enough to dodge the economic downturn. So jumping into a big house seems kind of crazy on one hand. But on the other hand, we could get a great house at the beach for a reasonable price. Living just a short bike ride from the Atlantic Ocean has it's appeal. Oh yeah, and the hurricanes.

So we're curious to hear what you think. Please vote in the anonymous poll along the side of the page.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Shelby has decided she doesn't like baby food in jars anymore - it's for babies. She has really taken a liking to her Cheerios and graham crackers. Upon consultation with the teachers at school, we decided to try table food with her for lunch. She will get the fruits and veggies the big kids eat at school. The first day was a success - butternut squash! The next day: green beans!

This week, she has fully embraced the table food. Here is what she ate for lunch at school this week:

Monday: Pasta, chicken, and corn
Tuesday: Chicken nugget
Wednesday: Beef stew & bread
Thursday: Green beans and pears
Friday: Bologna, bread, applesauce, & mixed vegetables

For dinner, she's had squash, spaghetti, chicken, cheese, bananas, and, of course, Cheerios!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Craig's List

I just "discovered" Craig's List this weekend. It's a new may not have heard of it. :) Of course you've heard of it, but this was my first experience using it.

We bought a new entertainment center, and needed to get rid of our our old one. Friday night I posted in the classified section. I even posted a picture - just an average shot from the point-and-shoot that I took (not a studio shot Scott would be capable of). Within 36 hours, we had 4 people inquire over email. And, within 48 hours, it was sold and out of our house!

There was one false alarm. A woman was supposed to come over Saturday, but never showed. The people that ended up buying it came to the house this afternoon. Scott answered the door with me behind him with Shelby on my hip. We opened the door to a young couple - complete with the wife carrying their 7-month old on her hip! I think both families were a little surprised we looked so similar! Of course there was some negotiation about the price. Shoot! We didn't care! We just wanted the furniture out of the house!

I must say, I'm believer in Craig's List now! I will certainly look there first when we need to make another furiture purchase/sale.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Police Blotter: Furry Friend Dismembered

Last Sunday afternoon, the happy, ever-smiling seahorse (AKA "Glow Friend") was found with the stuffing heartlessly pulled from his satiny, green dorsal fin. The Glow Friend was found in Shelby Lawrence's crib. When questioned, Ms. Lawrence gave a toothy grin (with her one tooth), and said she didn't know anything about it. The crib is now considered a crime scene. If you have any information leading to the arrest of the deranged criminal who committed this heinous act, please contact the Lawrence family. A memorial service is planned for the Glow Friend. The crinkly chicken and Lion scooter are scheduled to eulogize their departed friend. The memorial service is closed to furry friends only.

To the left is a picture of the crime scene. It may not be suitable for all viewers. Please use discretion.