Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stand By Me

Shelby is getting pretty confident in her standing skills. In fact, she has been documented standing by herself!! She is very proud of herself and excited when she stands there. She can even wave and play with a toy while on her own. The problem is that this is as far as it goes. Once she decides she wants to go somewhere, it's either a full-body lunge toward the nearest person or a matter-of-fact PLOP onto her bottom.

Germ Factory

I think we're back to normal.....I think. Shelby got send home from school last week with a 102-degree temperature that didn't break for 3 days. She was pretty pathetic - a little rag doll who exuding a tremendous amount of heat! We flew in reinforcements on Friday. Nancy was SO kind to take care of Shelby on Friday and even give Scott and I a date night on Saturday! Saturday was when the rash broke out all over her. Through the power of the Internet, 2 baby books, and 1 Grandma, we self-diagnosed Shelby with roseola.

It took her most of this past week to get her appetite back. By Saturday, she was back to PB&J and cornbread!