Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holidays on Ice?

Okay. Maybe not on ice, but it was definitely on the cool side here in Jacksonville for Christmas. Today, the last of our family left to go back home. We had a week of nine people at our house. It was so much fun, but logistics can be a nightmare with nine people! Scott and I even got to go out on a date! We are so blessed to have family who get along - even when Scott and I aren't there!

After her nap, Shelby was looking around the house. I think she was looking for all the relatives who have been doting on her (Note to concerned family members: She has not forgotten how to walk after being carried around for a week).

We took Shelby to Jarboe Park at Neptune Beach. She had so much fun! There were about a thousand sea gulls and ducks. Shelby pointed at them, uttered an unintelligible "Dohslkdgh!," and chased after them. After getting dangerously close to the pond, we managed to steer her toward the swings. She loved them, too!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner was a success! It was my first experience with a beef roast. I followed the Ina Garten (AKA Barefoot Contessa) technique for the Perfect Rib Roast. If I say so myself, it was pretty darn good!! I was a little nervous that I'd screw up a big, expensive piece of meat with a room full of hungry people, but I would definitely make one again!

Also on the menu:
Brussel Sprout Hash - A Doctor, Uncle Mikey recipe
We are not a brussel sprout family, but this was fantastic!!
Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Chipotle Butter
Cranberries - Homemade as per Benjamin family tradition
Pumpkin Pie
Swedish Yule Glug - A Hagstrand tradition

We had two tables going. No "kids table." Just a "sit where you want." It was a very good time! With another week of family at the house, I can see a lot more epicurean adventures in our future!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Newsletter 2009

The theme for the past year has been, “Who knew something so small could rule the roost?” Shelby gives us new examples everyday of her mighty presence!

Shelby was baptized this summer, and we started attending Beach United Methodist Church. It’s a very contemporary church with very gifted pastors, and we just love it there! It is a huge church (1500 come to worship each week!), and we got involved in a small Bible Study group this fall with other couples our age. It has been a great way for us to make new friends and grow our relationship.

Shelby has spent the past year at New Dimensions Learning Center. She became very attached to her teachers right away! There were 8 babies in that room, and it was surprisingly serene. When she turned one in October, she moved to the “Great Ones” Room (AKA the three-ring circus). There are 18 one-year olds in her room! It is a zoo each and every day! Shelby has really held her own. Within two weeks her development really took off. She is now walking everywhere. Shelby loves climbing on top of the ottoman, reading “Goodnight Moon,” and eating raisins!

Scott made a few trips out to California for work (at Kemper) this year. He also went to another photography conference in Orlando. He shot several portraits and events this year. The equipment is getting more sophisticated, but the end results are even better!
Bonnie went back to work in January. She returned to her old job at Anheuser-Busch. The work culture is evolving quickly since the merger last year! At home, she has been knitting up a storm making socks and baby gear. She also follows her favorite chefs on the Food Network and attempts to copy them in the kitchen!

Next year, we plan on making our pilgrimages to Ohio and Illinois. We hope to see you soon!

Scott, Bonnie & Shelby Lawrence

Mistaken Identity

I was looking online for a Christmas present for Scott. I wanted to search through Dick's Sporting Goods. I absent-mindedly typed

FYI: That site does not display sporting goods.

The best part is that I told on myself, and clued Scott into my gaffe when I really could have kept it to myself.

There are a couple other good stories of Mistaken Website Identities:

1. A friend wanted to order ribs from Sticky Fingers. He left off the "S" in "Fingers," and was greeted with a shock.

2. A Lawrence Family friend's daughter is registered at very cute baby site. Her mother put an extra "S" on "Giggle" on the Baby Shower invitation, and the would-be gift givers found themselve searching gifts completely inappropriate for a babay!

Do you have any mistaken website identities to share?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

You Learn Something New...

Things I learned this week:

1. The Salvation Army does not take encyclopedias.
2. The stamp machine at the Post Office has a 3 book limit per credit card per day.
I really can't imagine when one steals an identity, one is likely to go on a stamp shopping spree. Unless they're buying the stamps to mail people notices that a Nigerian prince wants to give them money?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

War Wounds

I got a call at work today from Shelby's school.....never good. They told me she was pushing a toy bus across the floor, tripped, and bashed her face on the toy. :( She got a bloody nose, and a tiny cut on her lip. Her teacher said, "She shook it off like a big girl. She's doing fact she's tearing up a book right now!" She's a trooper!

She's officially walking now. She does the funny, 1-year old walking where both arms are above her head. She's surprisingly stable, but I think we're in store for more trips and falls while she she perfects her gait!

More videos to come of the ambulatory Pumpkin!

Sneak Attack

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