Thursday, May 27, 2010


Since we moved to the new house, I try to take advantage of the awesome porch and serene lake view when I'm reading my blogs and doing computer work. It's just so peaceful!

But, the mini-forest and lake come at a price: critters. This place is crawling (pun INtended) with them! Here is a compendium of those animals:
- A family of Canadian Geese that roam the neighborhood; evidence of them is splattered all over the porch on a daily basis....not sure what these guys are eating, but it's gross!
- Big-sounding things that splash in the lake...could be Nessie for all I know
- Giant lizard; when I say giant, we're only talking 4".....but they're definitely more substantial than the ones at the old house; last night I saw one jump from the ground to a perch 6" off the ground. It was impressive
- Squirrels....these squirrels have a thin, scraggly tail; they seem to keep to the trees unlike the U of I Quad Squirrels (I still have night terrors about those aggressive rodents)
- Some sort of mouse/rat animal. I'm not sure of the technical difference between the two, but it was on the deck last weekend sniffing around the grill. And, said Mystery Rodent is sitting on a branch staring at me as we speak.
- Mosquitoes. They're probably good in some sort of "circle of life" way, but I hate them. We are looking for mosquito repellent ideas. Now.

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