Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Carmen Miranda Smoothie

I was brought up to transform sad, past-their-prime bananas into banana bread. Today, I was looking at some geriatric bananas and remembered the smoothie.

There are about a million recipes for smoothies out there - on Pinterest alone! And, the beauty of the smoothie is you can put whatever you want into it! I had some CSA mangoes and bananas that were begging to be eaten. So, in the blender they went! And, how easy can they be! My only problem is that we don't have a blender - just a food processor. A little challenge, but gets the job done. And, when you have the toughest critics in the house saying "mmmm" (Pookie Pants couldn't say much because she was busy slugging it down) and "not bad" (a huge compliment from Scott), you know it's a keeper.

Carmen Miranda Smoothie

- 2 c frozen blueberries. strawberries, raspberries....whatever you've got!
- 2 mangoes, roughly chopped
- 2 bananas, roughly chopped
- 1 c ice
- 1 c milk
- 1/2 c orange juice
- 1/2 c plain (or vanilla) yogurt

Combine in a blender and puree until all is combined and creamy!

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