Friday, September 21, 2012

Training Day

Ok. This is it! I officially begin to train for my Thanksgiving Day Subaru Distance Classic half marathon on Monday! I am blogging and telling my friends about my intentions (and will post updates on the Twitter) to keep myself accountable. Thank you in advance, friends and family! :)

One of my New Year's resolutions was to get into a regular exercise routine after Pete was born (running a half marathon was one of my 2011 half marathons, but then I got pregnant with Pete!). This should fit the bill for regular exercise! Since I'ver never been the running type, actually finishing a half marathon will be a HUGE accomplishment for me. The race starts at 7am on Thanksgiving Day and my loving family has even agreed to meet me at the finish line!

A local running store has some training schedules for 5k, 15k, and half marathons.

1Rest3 Miles3 Miles3 MilesRest3 Miles4 Miles
2Rest3 Miles3 Miles3 MilesRest3 Miles5 Miles
3Rest3 Miles4 Miles3 MilesRest3 Miles5 Miles
4Rest3 Miles4 Miles3 MilesRest3 Miles6 Miles
5Rest3 Miles4 Miles3 MilesRest3 Miles7 Miles
6Rest3 Miles4 Miles3 MilesRest3 Miles8 Miles
7Rest3 Miles5 Miles3 MilesRest3 Miles9 Miles
8Rest3 Miles5 Miles3 MilesRest3 Miles10 Miles
9Rest3 Miles5 Miles3 MilesRest3 Miles6 Miles
10Rest3 MilesRestRace DayRest3 Miles
3 Miles

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