Saturday, November 30, 2013

2013 Lawrence Year in Review

“It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone.” “2013 flew by so quickly.” I know, I know. Insert cliché here. When you don’t live in a climate with seasons, it’s hard to comprehend the passage of time! This year, like each of the past five, has been a year of great change.
Our biggest change will be happening in the first part of 2014. Bonnie was offered a promotion to run the Parts Distribution Center in Pleasant Prairie, WI. So, the Lawrences will soon be trading in their sandcastles for snow forts! Scott and Bonnie have called Jacksonville home for nearly 10 years. And, Florida is all Shelby and Pete have known. So, it will be a little sad to leave, but it will be an exciting adventure moving us close to Scott's and Bonnie's brothers. Currently, we are deep into the relocation process getting ready to list our house and looking for a home in the northern suburbs of Chicago.
This summer, Scott took a gigantic leap of faith by leaving the insurance industry and striking out as a professional photographer. Being a full-time photographer has always been a dream for Scott. He has enjoyed learning how to run his own small business – from marketing to bookkeeping as well as developing photo packages and products. His new endeavor has allowed him to spend more time with the kids, network with other professional photographers, and take classes.
Bonnie has continued with her running. She ran 2 half marathons (The Donna & the Thanksgiving Subaru Distance Classic). She also ran the Gate River Run - a 15k that runs over two of Jacksonville's large bridges. Since she comes home from work after dinnertime, Bonnie has perfected the "make ahead" dinner. She preps them in the morning, and Scott has heating/serving instructions. They have been a success with the whole family - so long as they don't contain any "strange vegetables".....

Shelby took dance classes again this year. Her recital piece in June was a ballet number to Tim McGraw's "When The Stars Go Blue." Simply adorable. She is also taking gymnastics classes. She seems to have a knack for both. Shelby loves to help out around the house begging to clean up the kitchen (Windex is her favorite). She likes to play and wrestle with Pete on the floor. Just wait until he's bigger than her.....

Where Shelby is all about dance, gymnastics, and finer motor skills, Pete is more "search and destroy." He waited until he was 17 months to walk. But, within 48 hours, he went from crawling to running. It was incredible. Ever since then, he has been a holy terror! All cabinets are locked and the kitchen counters are cleared! He loves riding his tricycle, riding in the bike trailer, and reading about trucks (i.e. all things transportation!). He is still our easy-going boy, but Pete is happiest when he's outside playing.

We're so blessed to have such a great base of friends and family, and have loved our time in Florida. We look forward to the adventures the new year are certain to bring us.

With much love,
    Scott, Bonnie, Shelby & Peter Lawrence

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