Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Great Ones

Shelby has spent a week and a half in her new classroom. The Wobblers. The Great Ones.

There are 18 12-24 months old in this room! It's a veritable zoo! Shelby is, by far, the littlest one there! She's also the only one not walking.

But, after one week, we noticed how her development has picked up dramatically with the older kids around. She decided to feed herself her own bottle. She flung her whole torso back. It was pretty funny. On her first day, she laid right down on her mat to sleep. We were impressed.

Over the weekend, she stacked her blocks herself. And, in big news, she took 3 steps!!!

Now, this week, her bottle-drinking is much more controlled (i.e. she doesn't have to fling her body backward now). I came to pick her up today, and she was sitting at the table in a chair!!! And, she was playing with a puzzle (Nancy: I think she'll love the puzzles you're going to bring down!)!! Her teacher told me she was so tired 20min before nap time. They had to keep her moving. She crawled over to the cubby where they keep the stuffed animals and tried to go to sleep in there! At nap time they set up her mat quickly, she crawled over, and was asleep before they could get the blanket on her! The poor thing! They wear her out!!

Her teachers are trying like crazy to get her to walk. They say she's so close! They've seen her take a few steps, but they try at every opportunity.

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