Sunday, March 7, 2010

Popovers from Heaven

On Wednesday, we're having our church small group over for dinner and the start of a new video series we'll be discussing. We're going to grill some burgers, and cook up some couscous. Then, I found this recipe for popovers on The Bitten Word and thought it would be a good addition to the meal. Instead of serving a brand new recipe to guests, I decided to try it out on my favorite guinea pigs.

OMG. Heaven's to Betsy. Sweet Jiminy Christmas. These suckers are good!!! I have an issue with kitchen equipment that is used for one purpose only. So, I do not own a popover pan. I have confirmed tonight that a muffin tin will work just fine.

I halved this recipe and still had enough batter for 16 popovers (using a 1/4-cup measure). The guys on Bitten Word showcased 2 different Martha Stewart popover recipes. I used some directions from each, and had great results.

Best Popovers Ever
Original Recipe From Martha Stewart's Twitter Feed

Place pan in oven. Heat to 425F .

Sift 2C flour + 2.5t salt

Heat 2C milk (for the sake of time, I microwaved the milk for 45 sec, stirred, then for 45 sec more)

Whisk 4 eggs slowly. Add in milk & flour

Spray hot pan with cooking spray. fill halfway up with batter. (a 1/4-cup measure seems to do the trick)

Bake 20min turn. Lower oven to 350F, and bake for 20 min.

Invert to remove.

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Clay @ The Bitten Word said...

So glad the popovers turned out well! It's good to know that a muffin tin will work just fine. Glad they worked so well for you!