Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Home Sweet Home

This week we are closing on a new house in Jacksonville Beach! We've been looking on-and-off for a house since August. We've talked ourselves in and out of moving more times than we care to admit. But, once we visited this house, we knew we wanted our family to live there.

And, as of tonight, we have put our house on the market!! This is a huge step! Do you know how hard it is to make a house "show ready" with a baby (and a husband!) living with you!? Scott is taking the listing photos, and I'm cleaning & de-cluttering my little heart out. It's been an excellent opportunity to purge unused junk in the house. We are also putting the crown (bottle top) boxes we have available at work to good use. We've packed up a couple dozen of those guys.

As I've been cleaning and packing and cleaning, I realized I've been in this house for five years! FIVE YEARS! And, I had to stop to think how good this house has been to us:
1. This is the first "house" I bought. I had a condo in NH, but this one had a yard!!
2. This is the house Scott came to visit when we were dating long distance.
3. And, it's the house he proposed to me in.
4. It's the house we brought Shelby home from the hospital to.
5. And, of course, it's the site of two crazy Christmases with any and all relatives present!

It's also where I learned about Florida wildlife (Palmetto bugs and giant snakes), hurricanes (tropical storm Fay), and the wonders of a pressure washer on cement.

I wouldn't trade any of those memories! It's been a very good house for us. And, I know our "beach home" is going to have many more memorable moments for a long time to come!!

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