Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pictures from Daytona Bike Week 2033

Scott's Grandma sent down a Wishbone Bike for Shelby. It's pretty cool - it starts as a trike, then converts to a bike and then a taller bike (pretty much ages 1-5). It's made of sustainable wood, post-consumer recycled plastic, and it's toddler-powered.

Shelby was trying to ride the thing as Scott was still installing the wheels. It just about killed her to wait the 7.8 minutes for it to be assembled! She got the hang of it pretty quickly. The hardest part of the whole venture was getting her to wear her helmet. We're to the point where we have to play the "Big Girl" card: "If you want to ride the Big Girl bike, you have to wear the helmet. Big Girls wear helmets on their bikes!"

She started down the driveway and kept going. It's a good thing we live on a cul de sac! She was two houses down before we knew it. And, she was ready to keep going if it wasn't for an alert set of parents. I think she is going to be a toy to be enjoyed for a long time!!!

Mom and Dad had to wear their helmets to show they were Big Boys & Big Girls.

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