Thursday, October 14, 2010

Where Did October Go?

It has been a crazy October! I've only had time to post menus!...not even review the new recipes we've tried! We've had a lot of good times this month Two sets of grandparents visited, Scott and I each had a week out of town for work in October, and culminated with Shelby's 2nd birthday party today (a blog post will certainly follow recounting it!).

When I was in St. Louis for a class, I got to pet a Clydesdale! Please note that the handler had to lower the horse's head so my friend could get both me and the horse in the same frame....not a proud moment for me. :)

I also had a fantastic view from my hotel room! This hotel is adjacent to the Cardinals' ballpark (I faced the river, as you can see). It was the last homestand of the season. The Cards shoot off fireworks after homeruns and victories. Judging from their season, they had a lot of fireworks leftover. Well, on our first night there, I was completely freaked out by random explosions outside my room! Once I realized what was going on, I was just annoyed that the fireworks continued until 11pm (long past my bedtime).

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