Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mickey's House!

We finally made the trip to the Mouse's House! Scott and I have lived here for six years living a mere 2 hours from Disney World and we hadn't made it there yet! I guess it takes a two year old to get you to the state's biggest attraction! :)

We had been talking up "going to Mickey's house" for weeks now and I think we successfully whipped Shelby up into a Mickey frenzy. We stayed at the Polynesian resort....hey, it was the first vacation we've taken when we haven't visited family (no offense, family!).

We spent most of our time in Fantasyland - home of "It's a Small World," "Dumbo," the Carousel, the Tea Cups and, did I mention "Dumbo?!" Shelby saw the Dumbo ride and said, "I ride that!!" And, we rode it over and over and over! "It's a Small World" was a favorite, but Dumbo was much more favorite. Shelby quickly got the hang of the controls and was quickly the master of the elephant!

We had so much fun!

After you see this site, how can you not want to visit again and again! I think there will be many happy returns to Mickey's House.

To see all the pictures of our trip, visit Scott Lawrence Photography!

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