Monday, June 6, 2011

Why Me?!

The most offensive and incendiary language does not involve a four-letter word. It's a three-letter word....uttered by a two-year old: WHY.

Shelby has learned this horrible, filthy word - presumably at school. The first time the "w-word" is used, it's not so bad.....just a little kid being cute. But, by the quadrillionth time, people are shooting dirty looks. I am incensed.
Exhibits 1 & 2:

Shelby: What's this?
Me: It's a butterfly.
Shelby: Why?

Shelby: What's this [pointing to the bottom of her shoe]?
Me: It's dirty.
Shelby: Why?
Me: You walked through some mud.
Shelby: Why?

Case. And. Point.

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