Thursday, February 25, 2010

On Language

Five points if you can name the reference in the title!

Shelby's language is really coming along! She has her own animal sounds for duck, dog, and cat! She can point out Dad and say "da-da" with glee!...of course "ma-ma" is touch and go. When someone leaves or says "goodbye," Shelby says "bye bye" with an accompanying wave. "Hi" has its own type of wave that goes with it.

She is really starting to understand when you talk to her. She can "fetch" a ball, Henry, her purse, socks, shoes (hers and Mom's and Dad's), and her cup. She knows where in the kitchen the milk, raisins, and granola bars are. She can point out her nose, hair, toes, ear, teeth, and mouth. When Scott asked her where her elbow was, she stopped, ran to the table, and grabbed her Elmo book. Elbow, Elmo....close enough!

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