Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Closed!!!

You know how they say the happiest day of your life is the day you buy a boat.....and the second happiest day is the one where you sell the boat? The same logic applies to those holding two mortgages!

Well, we have closed on our old house! It was purchased by a couple from Gainesville who is sending their daughter to UNF for undergrad and physical therapy school. Her parents preferred her in a house rather than an apartment. We asked what they liked about our house (since they were seriously considering two of them), and apparently, the girls liked the colors of the bedrooms! Go figure!

We couldn't be happier! But, this sale did not come without it's obstacles along the way:
- Minor termite damage in the garage...remember: in Florida it's not if you'll get termite damage but when
- A broken air compressor for the air conditioner...the darn thing blew out 10 days before closing!!
- An incorrectly recorded lot parcel number...from when I bought the house!

When we walked away from closing, we were the ones going home with a check (rather than forking over a big one like when we bought our house)! It'll be enough for a couple frappuccinos...and a scone if we want to splurge! :)


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