Sunday, December 16, 2012

Week 150 Menu

150 weeks of menus! Woot, woot! Some call it anal retentive, I call it planning ahead. :) The last full week before the holidays. We'll be eating out of the freezer this week so we don't have to introduce too many more ingredients to the fridge!

Baby Pete has turned up his nose to baby food and is fully integrated to table food. The little beast eats almost as much as his sister! He can really tuck it away, and he's not picky. I say the only food he doesn't like is the food that's too slow coming to his mouth! What's even better is that he's started to grab the food off the high chair tray. So, it gives Mom and Dad a chance to eat their own dinners!

Sunday: Make-your-own pizzas with friends; we also made our own gingerbread houses!! Very fun.
Monday: European Street
Tuesday: Chicken pot pie over quinoa
Wednesday: Italian beef with Publix hoagie rolls.....heaven!!!
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Big spinach salads
Saturday: Out?

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