Thursday, September 9, 2010

Weekend, Part 2

On Sunday, we asked Shelby if she wanted to go to the pool. She said, "Beach!"

Usually we'll load up all our gear into the car, drive around for a while looking for a spot, then haul all of our gear onto the beach. Today, we thought: well, we moved to be close to the beach. Let's take advantage of it and ride our bikes to the beach!

We loaded up Shelby and our towels/toys into the bike trailer and took off! We took the straight shot over to the beach (~1.5 miles) with only two traffic lights in our way. We chained our bikes to the access ramp and wheeled the trailer onto the beach. It was so easy!!!! We'll think twice about driving to the beach again!

Shelby has no fear when it comes to the ocean. There was a nasty undertow and some crashing waves (for Northeast Florida), but she still ran right into the surf screaming and laughing!

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