Monday, November 15, 2010

Simply Hilarious

Shelby is now two....and at times she acts every minute of it But, most of the time, she is acting out hilariously grown-up activities or telling us a story (of which we can understand approximately 62%).

Since she started in the two-year old room at school, he language has exploded! She can string together 3-word phrases and tell us "I need _____." It is such a blessing to be able to understand a lot more of what she wants - which is good since she has so many opinions (wonder where she gets that from...)!

Some words are still a mystery and Shelby gets "ohh" or "mmhmm" or "right!" from us. And, some words sound very similar to other ones. In that case, one has to rely heavily on context. Pumpkin, paper, picture, and pockets all sound VERY much alike . So, after a quick scan of the room, we can usually figure out what she's after. And, surprisingly, Shelby is pretty patient with us while we figure out what she wants!

Here are some pictures that just struck me as classic Shelby and they made me laugh.

Shelby waits for the doctor at her 2-year appointment. She settled in with a good book and some raisins. She was okay until the vaccine needles came out...

Shelby puts on my wedge sandals and starts vacuuming....because, clearly, vacuuming in heels is the only way to go! She even presses a "button" (a little knob made by the plastic mold) to turn it on.
Shelby is all dolled up for church. She insisted on the Chlo-Chlo shoes* with this outfit. Hey, she's got her own style. Sadly, she knows Mama's coffee mug goes with us to church. This morning: it's Shel-Shel's mug. Shelby is also showing off her new "Cheese" grin for the camera.
*"Chlo-chlo shoes" are little brown Mary Jane shoe that her friend Chloe had. We had bought some for her to grow into a while back. When we finally broke them out for her to wear, she started referring to them as "Chlo-chlo shoes." There are also "Ari shoes" for the same reason. It makes it so nice to know exactly which shoes are being demanded!

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