Monday, December 27, 2010

Chirstmas Dinner 2010

Well, this year was the biggest crowd we've had at our house for Christmas....and I loved every minute of it! It may not be a lot of guests by some people's measure, but we had ten people.

Christmas Eve dinner was a Benjamin family tradition of snack-y foods. The chili was a new addition, however. It's been so "chilly" here lately (pun totally intended!) that the dish just seemed appropriate. Plus, it's a slow cooker meal: set it and forget it!

Christmas Eve dinner:
Obama chili
Shrimp cocktail
Nut bread with cream cheese
Cheese/sausage with crackers
Torta de casar cheese and quince spread (courtesy of Jamie & Nacho)
Assorted cookies & ice cream

This Christmas dinner was pretty vegetable-heavy. With such a rich, tender red meat as the main dish, the veggies helped to balance it out....and the red wine complemented it nicely! The roast was a little particular with the temperatures, but the rest of the dishes were pretty easy! I had my brother, his partner, and my brother-in-law in charge of each side dish. I consider the meal a success because we had VERY little leftovers!

Christmas Dinner:
Standing rib roast

Cranberry sauce
Cauliflower sformato

Garlic butter roasted mushrooms

Pumpkin pie

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