Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

For Thanksgiving this year, we had two fantastic guests for the weekend - Michelle & Karen Connavino. They are Scott's cousins and dubbed "Shel" & "K" by Shelby. They immediately took to each other and got on famously! I think Shelby was just excited to have other people to spend time with over the 4-day weekend! :)

The weather was just fantastic. Not to make the northerners jealous, but it was almost 80 degrees throughout the weekend. Love it! We enjoyed the weather and went to the park multiple times and to the beach several times, too.

We did family Penguin Bowling down the long, hardwood hallway. It was like we had our own personal bowling lane! Michelle convinced Shelby that, in order to bowl properly, you need to wear a fireman's hat and the animal washcloths on your hands. Shelby was a firm believer. It was pretty hilarious.

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