Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Addition

Well, it's official.....we are expecting Baby #2 in March! In His time, God certainly does answer prayers. We are very blessed and excited to have this news to share!

I am out of the first trimester and everything is looking good. I've had a general feeling of malaise and nausea that is slowly receding (not fast enough!). I haven't felt like eating too much. When has it been documented that Bonnie has wrinkled her nose at Joseph's pizza or chicken or even a salad?! I just don't remember feeling this TIRED when I was pregnant with Shelby. I can take a two-hour nap at any given time or place.

We broke the news to Shelby and she is SO excited! She calls the baby her baby. She can't wait to be a big helper with the baby. And, once she realized she and the baby would be at the same school, she was over the moon! She could check up on her baby with the Infant Teachers all day long! Shelby has it all figured out: her baby doll can sleep with me and her baby brother/sister can sleep with her.

We get to find out if this little peanut is a boy or a girl on October 27th! Can't wait!

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