Friday, January 22, 2010

Once Bitten

Shelby was bitten by another child on Wednesday! I got a phone call at work:

"Hi. this is Kenyatta from New Dimensions...."

My response: "What is it?! What's wrong?!" These people never call to just say hi. Kenyatta connected me to Shelby's teacher. She told me Shelby was bitten by another child after nap time. They don't tell you which child was the biter, but I've got them all under surveillance now! I learned this child hasn't bitten before. So, she wasn't on their radar before. Luckily, the teacher has a Blackberry. So, she sent me a couple pictures so I wouldn't be surprised when I picked her up.

The New Dimensions Biting Policy is when children have limited language skills, they are more lenient. They keep track of a lot of data: time, child involved, toys in the area. If the child racks up a couple bites, they bring in a professional to see if there's anything with the set-up of the room to help keep the kids calmer. When, the children get to be 2.5 and up, there is little tolerance for biting. The parents are called, and come up with an action plan to stop the biting. One of my friend's daycare has a zero tolerance policy. One bite and you're expelled!....even the infants!

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