Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Teeth Brushing

Scott asked the dentist when Shelby should start seeing the dentist. She wants her to see one in the next year. She recommended Dr. Setzer & Chochran. In the meantime, we got her a baby toothbrush, and brush her teeth every night. She likes it when Daddy brushes his teeth with her. Now, she'll put the brush on her teeth, but not swish over them. It always end up in her chewing on the bristles. After a couple swipes, she'll hand her brush back to Dad. And, he is supposed to put more water on the brush.

Brushing teeth is a little more necessary lately since she's been shoveling in the broccoli. It's hard to point out a floret stuck in a 15-month old's teeth to her! At least we're trying to start good habits early with the brushing!

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