Friday, June 4, 2010

Freezer Cooking....Take One!

I was on "vacation" this week. My father-in-law deftly asked me, "Did you find time to relax this week?" I certainly did....I have some pink shoulders to show for it, too! I also dipped my toe into the Once A Month Cooking concept at LifeAsMom. It's an intriguing thought. I think some of it is a bit over board, but that's my humble opinion.

But, I thought I had some time and some recipes that would lend themselves well to having on hand. So, I was a busy girl this week! And, she's right: it doesn't take too much more time to make 2 pot pies than just one. And, I found out I could be working on two recipes at once. So, now my freezer is stocked!

Here's what I made!
- 6 Stuffed Peppers
- 1 Meatloaf
- 2 Chicken Pot Pies
- 1 batch Curried Carrot Soup
- 1 batch Green Meatballs (most of them didn't make it to the freezer...)
- 1 Lasagna
- 2 Pizza Crusts

And, surprisingly enough, this only took about 6-7 hours throughout the week. Now that I know what I can do in only a couple hours, this may be a regular event. Maybe not "once a month," but maybe I can make a couple servings (or three or seven) of a dish over a weekend.

I'd rather do the work up front, and have yummy, quick & home-cooked meals throughout the month. You know it was a big cooking event when I went through an entire 5-lb onion bag and a Costco-sized ground beef packet!!


Tricia @ This Happy Home said...

Great job! Feels nice to have accomplished so much, doesn't it?!

Nikki said...

Great job! It's nice to have a packed freezer! Hope you have a great weekend!