Friday, June 11, 2010

Geese....Why Did It Have To Be Geese?

Scott designated a wide putty knife as our official "pooper scraper" to get rid of the goose poo on our porch. He scraped up all the poo last night only to come home today to a porch with two goose feathers and at least twelve individual piles of fresh goose poo.

[Side note: I just reread that last paragraph and just have to be depressed with what our lives have been reduced to. I feel I'm one goose encounter from being the "Kids, stay off my lawn" lady!]

We're trying to figure out if there is a good goose repellent we can use. So, I consulted the ultimate authority: Google. When I began my search, I found the results in the "auto-complete" quite ironic and humorous:

Repellent followed by recipes....Others must be having the same thoughts we were having....

Google has some good ideas - from sprays to coyote decoys. Now we just have to read some reviews. I think we'll have to consult the other ultimate authority: Amazon.

The worst part of all of this is monthly neighborhood newsletter had several articles celebrating the neighbors who are feeding and housing the geese and raccoons (Yes! I said raccoons!) in the neighborhood!!! And, we're the Scrooges who are trying to shoo them away.

Please don't call the Audobon Society on us. We mean no harm. We just don't want the magnificent creatures using our porch as a toilet.

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