Monday, June 28, 2010

Shelby Loves the Rain.

As the title suggests: my child loves the crazy monsoon that is a Florida summer.

Scott and I were both feeling a little under the weather this weekend. Shelby finally had enough of being in the house, so we packed up and headed for the mall. On the way over, we encountered one of those 2-block long swaths of super-heavy thunderstorm. After we passed through it, Shelby pointed out the window and said, "More!"

As we headed to Mecca (AKA the Apple Store) at the mall, the skies opened up and it rained sideways!!!!! All three of us got soaked - even with two umbrellas. We abandoned our plans and headed to Dick's (the nearest "big store"). The Princess was in no hurry to get out of the weather. I think she rather enjoyed it! We spent 45 minutes there waiting for the rain to let up. Scott and Shelby rode the escalator up and down for 15 minutes!

Then, I picked her up from school today and it was POURING at school. Most of the kids were on edge. One little boy was beside himself (apparently he's a sensitive one: he gets upset when they open a new trash you can imagine his terror during a thunderstorm!). Shelby was playing at the table oblivious to the tempest! When we finally cleared the storm at the Intercoastal, again, Shelby pointed and wanted MORE! I asked her, "More rain?" She got the biggest smile and nodded.

My ego is huge now: she thinks I can make it rain! Wonder how long that will last.............

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