Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week 1 Menu

One of my favorite blogs is one where the author publishes her menu for the week, and encourages other to do the same in the comments at This Week For Dinner. She has been going for 156 weeks! She's my hero! To keep me motivated, I'm going to start posting my menus here!

Sunday: Grilled salmon and oven-roasted potato chips Salmon from the Ina Garten book Mike got me for Christmas & chips using the slicer Nancy got me for the mixer!!!!
Monday: (Leftover) Salmon & sausage paella
Tuesday: Breakfast for dinner! – pancakes & eggs
Wednesday: LeftoversThursday: Slow cooker pork tenderloin
Friday: Pork stir fry (w/leftover pork)
Saturday: Out

Reviews to come later this week on the linked recipes.

Asian Salmon

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