Monday, March 28, 2011

For the Love of the Car*

I only speak with two days of experience, but I think I made the right move leaving Anheuser-Busch for Volkswagen. From beer to fast cars...yikes!

This opportunity found me in late December. I wasn't looking for another job, but did a triple take when I read about this one. The position advertised was Operations Manager for a Parts Distribution Center in west Jacksonville. The more I learned about the company culture and the job itself, the more I was impressed! While I was considering VW's offer, Fortune magazine came out with their 50 most Admired Companies. VW had moved up to 35th! I think it was a sign. Sold!

The management and warehouse staff alike were very welcoming. These people are good: my cubicle name plate, cell phone and office supplies were all ready on my first day! They clearly have a good process in place already. I think I see a few things to improve on. But no "HOLY COW, this #$%$^ is messed up!" moments. :)

In only two days of meetings, it was clear that the managers took their employees' happiness, development, and success seriously. That's a company philosophy I can get behind!

Here's to a very long career moving parts around the country!

* Extreme car enthusiasts will recognize that slogan as the VW tagline in Europe in 2004....yeah, I can Google with the best of 'em!

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