Sunday, February 14, 2010


On Friday, after we had enjoyed our chili, and Scott told me,

"I have to pick up your birthday surprise. I'll be back in an hour or so." After he left, I was racking my brain trying to think what it might be. I quickly gave up. Scott got home and didn't have to say anything. Behind him brother, his partner, and Scott's brother!!!! Scott arranged to have them come down for the weekend for my birthday!! What an awesome surprise! I hadn't suspected a thing (I was a little suspicious that Scott had cleaned the house before I got home, but I chalked it up to him being nice for my birthday). They were starving. so, it's a good thing we had so much chili left over!

We had a great time over the weekend. Shelby's school had "Date Night" on Saturday (babysitting service offered by the school every month or so). So, we dropped her off, and the adults went to Bistro Aix for dinner. They had an amazing Valentine's Day menu. I had short ribs over creamy polenta. Scott and Jamie had the ribeye. Mike: the tuna. Nacho: the grilled fish. All of us had great cocktails! I don't think anyone was disappointed!

On Sunday, it was sunny and warm. We had coffee at Shelby's Coffee Shoppe, and walked on the beach. It was great!

All in all, it was a great birthday weekend!

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