Saturday, May 15, 2010


My blog posting from the past couple weeks have been limited to menu posts....trying to keep some semblance of our life in tact! On April 30th, we became the proud owners of a home in Jacksonville Beach! Over the following week, we moved boxes by the 4Runner-ful to the new house.

The professional movers came on Thursday/Friday to move all the big furniture and remaining boxes. My mom came down to help us. Between unpacking the new house, scrubbing the old house, and entertaining a one-year old, I don't think we could have done it without her!! We had enough of the downstairs unpacked to have our friends Jenny and Dan over for dinner Sunday night!

Now, the past week, we have been living pretty normally at our new house. Everyday we get a little more of our house put in place. It's a little frustrating not having our house completely in order. But, I think we've done pretty well considering we still have work and life to worry about in between moving activities!

Shelby has adjusted to the new house famously! She knows exactly where all her things are. I know I will jinx it, but she's even sleeping well in her new room (even though her pictures aren't hung yet...). I was worried we would run into a rough patch. But, she's really been such a big girl!

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