Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Who's That Baby?

Shelby is obsessed with babies...videos, in vivo, or pictures. When she sees one, she stops, points, and says, "BB. BB. BB."

To keep her occupied through a grocery shopping trip, I showed her baby videos in the iPod Touch of her that we took when she was 8 weeks old. She stared at the 35-second video and demanded more when the video was done. Now, when she sees the iPod, she wants the "BB."

Scott was getting his hair cut after work, and I was cooking dinner and watching Shelby. She wanted the BB. After replaying the same video 48 times in a row, I got a little smarter. Shelby got a little smarter, too. When the video ended, she figured out how to play a new one!

This self-entertainment went on for a good 15 minutes! I realize this may make me a bad parent using the iPod to babysit, but it was SO funny!! She was so happy watching the BB, drinking milk, eating snacks, and laughing!!

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