Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Fave: The Splendid Table

My brother-in-law turned me on to a cooking podcast: The Splendid Table (the show for people who love to eat!).

Do you remember Delicious Dish from Saturday Night Live in the '90s (good times)? Teri & Margaret-Jo are the hyperbole of NPR hosts. The Splendid Table's host Lynne reminds me of them....but in a good way! She cracks herself up with food witticisms and humor....I love it!

She has an incredible breadth and depth of any cuisine that comes her way. So much so that she can troubleshoot a caller's lumpy claflouti batter or how best to showcase a smoked duck.

Sadistically, I love to listen to this podcast while I run. I have an hour to think about new ideas and it really gets my brain going. I've been playing catch up with the podcasts and am up to August 2010. Another 5 months worth to go. Yay!

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