Thursday, April 5, 2012

Welcome, Peter!

Peter Scott Lawrence was born on Tuesday, March 20th at 5:51pm. He was 7 lbs, 6oz. March 20th is special not only because it's the first day of spring, but it's also Scott's birthday! Who could ask for a better present!

While Pete was born on Tuesday, his birth story really begins the Friday before. I had my 38-week appointment with my doctor on Friday. Peanut was still sideways. He wasn't quite ready, but the doctor thought we might have a baby sometime that next week. I am an engineer by training and nature. So, I am not a superstitious girl. But, I do subscribe wholly to Murphy's Law. I went back to work, went grocery shopping, and prepared a menu for the following week. I also hedged my bet: got my toes painted (since I hand't been able to see them for 8 weeks) and put Baba Randy & Gemma on standby for the next week.

Monday morning: I went to work - same as usual. I prepared my weekly reports - same as usual. But, something wasn't quite right. I've had contractions since 28 weeks. But, those that morning were a bit stronger and a regular 10 minutes apart. I drank a bottle of water (the OB's remedy for everything), walked around, and gave it an hour. The contractions didn't subside. So I went in to the doctor. She said Peanut was in position and I was indeed in labor! Baba Randy and Gemma decided to make the trip to Jacksonville the next day canceling a tee time. :)

Tuesday morning: The doctor said things have definitely progressed! She sent me across the street to be admitted to the hospital. We were having a baby today! Scott and I met at the hospital, called all Babas, gave a heads-up to daycare and tried to quickly mentally prepare for Peanut's arrival. :)

I was a little gun shy about getting an epidural because there was no joy during Shelby's delivery. Things got pretty intense pretty quickly, and I opted to take my chances. This epidural took famously. While still not a pleasant experience, my pain relief expectations were met making it tolerable! Then, at 5:51pm, Peter was born! He was a bit stunned right after birth. After 5 minutes (but what seemed like forever!), he started to perk up.

We are so blessed to have a very healthy, happy little boy and his helpful and reverent big sister.

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