Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dinner Group

Scott and I joined a new small group at church. It is full of young couples with young kids. Perfect! We offered to host the first gathering at our house - a social, dinner event on Wednesday night to get to know everybody. Get to entertain at our house and show off some cooking skills. Awesome! I was anticipating an intimate event of 4 couples's not like everyone will show up, right?

Somehow it turned out that everyone could make it! When I made the final tally, we had 12 adults, 7 kids & 2 infants over to our house for dinner!!!!

What do you cook for 19 people for dinner? On a weeknight?! I wanted to make January a "clean out the pantry & freezer" month to start out the New Year. I'm well on my way! Here's what we had:

Obama Chili (double batch)
Cornbread (double batch)
Pasta Salad
Garlic Butter Roasted Mushrooms

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