Monday, January 17, 2011

New Food Show

I don't really watch reality shows. They usually end up annoying me after 5 minutes. But, Worst Cooks in America (on the Food Network) takes self-avowed bad cooks and puts them through a boot camp with two celebrity chefs - Robert Irvine & Anne Burrell. The last two contestants left will compete by serving a 4-course meal to harsh restaurant critics.

The trailer for the show looked like train wreck after train wreck in the contestants' kitchens. Schadenfreude* got the best of me and I tuned in. I'm glad I did! The chefs put these people through their paces with knife skills and complex dishes. These people could barely boil water in Episode One! Tonight they had to make a seared T-bone with a mushroom sauce, glazed carrots, and browned potatoes. As Chef Anne ripped some of the contestants apart, I began to wonder how I would do! Would my knife cuts be poo-poo'ed? Would the protein be too bland? Would my plate be too messy?

Even the "recruits" who were floundering still felt more confident in the kitchen. They were excited to take their new skills home to their families. I think that's the part that I like the most. Even the "worst cooks in America," with some practice and direction, can serve up some pretty impressive dishes!

* For a full explanation of Schadenfreude, please refer to Avenue Q.

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